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Social Medial Marketing

These days, every business is conducted online or has its information listed on the internet. As a result, best social media marketing services have become essential to reach a maximum number of people. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace are portals that everyone uses in order to communicate with different people together or separately belonging to different regions of the world. The popularity of these networking sites can be attributed to its finance free usage by its customers. The revenue of these sites is usually generated through advertising and some user related activities that are paid services.

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We at DigitalGuru Pro have established our name in social media marketing in India by providing our customers with affordable services for fighting cut throat competition all over the world. Our low-cost services do not demarcate our firm as an unworthy firm. We provide quality services at affordable prices.

High ranking

Most social media management companies will guarantee you a high ranking on search engines but the results of such company are bound to make you dissatisfied and distrustful. Our company delivers every promise that we make, we don`t believe in duping our customers because we want to prolong our relationship with them.


We help to select your profile and make comments on the blog in order to deliver customized services for your business. DigitalGuru Pro facilitates social media marketing consultant services and we provide complete customer satisfaction with the end result. You can specify what exactly is lacking in your online business and we will inculcate changes for boosting your business.


Just by creating a page on Facebook or making your account on Twitter cannot make you the king of social media marketing, regular updates and suppression of negative comments or blogs from a search engine are required in order to control the reputation damage your firm may suffer from. Social media optimization services require regular monitoring of your media account for years, we help to maintain the popularity of your business by monitoring the progress of your account. Our team conducts periodic checks relating to your company and maintains the online health of your company.


If you are a startup and are looking at digital marketing to launch yourself and grow organically and inorganically, you are reading the correct lines. We as entrepreneurs are sometimes guilty of living in a fallacy that creates great product and it will sell by itself. That’s not how the world runs. We have experienced numerous great products over the years that have suffered since they were not promoted well.

A great product is a necessary yet not sufficient condition for success. Also, product development can be integrated into phases and integrate customers and potential customers as co-collaborators. Incorporating feedback from the customers not only makes the product better, it also ensures customer engagement with the product.

At DigitalGuru Pro, we love working with startups. The energy, the innovativeness, the passion that startups bring is incomparable. That is why we work as partners with our startup customers.

Startups need to begin their online presence with a website and some specific social media communities based on their message and the target audience.


If you are an SMB looking at growing exponentially and want to leverage digital for this, DigitalGuru Pro is just the right kind of agency for you. SMBs usually struggle with wanting to say too many things at the same time and considering the entire world as their customer.

We help SMBs define their brand better for the digital world. This includes defining the message they want to propagate, the audience they want to propagate to and why should the audience care about this message.

If the brand promotion is what you are looking for, your social media needs to focus on defining and promoting those attributes of your brand that makes you memorable and unforgettable.

Social media community growth is what you need to focus on for brand promotion. This will go a long way in creating recall and helping your audience remember you when they are on the lookout for products you have to offer. Buying useless likes on Facebook, Twitter or other social media is definitely a No-No. It is about great brand strategy and true engagement around it.

Along with a very well executed social media community strategy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you should also focus on forums and discussion boards like Quora and vertical specific sites. The focus of these participations should be on inserting yourself into conversations on related topics.Creation of effective bloggers networks is very critical for success.

Please note patience pays in digital. People need to be aware before they listen, need to listen before they pay attention, need to pay attention before they engage, need to engage before they go further.


Digital for SMBs is not directly the place for lead generation and sales. By no means are we intending to say it can’t be done? It needs to be planned differently.

If you are looking at leveraging digital media for generating new leads and sales, please ensure you are choosing the right channels and communicating the right message. At DigitalGuru Pro, we help you distinguish clearly in what you will do for creating better visibility and engagement with your customers and what you will do for generating leads.

Remember, people buy brands they associate with, so even though lead generation is your focus, it will need to be coupled with brand promotion. People need to know your brand before filling up that contact form or choosing to buy you. In this scenario, there will always be a need for spending on paid media for increasing the reach and visibility.

DigitalGuru Pro work with our customers in ensuring we develop collaborative ecosystems for lead generation and sales by looking at potential digital associations for you with complementary brands and organizations. Blogger networks (focused on product reviews) should become a critical part of the lead generation activity.