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Mobile app marketing is when you create a mobile app to promote and further your brand. If you have the main DigitalGuru Probsite but are looking to reach more people, you can create a mobile app that will essentially work as a mobile version of your DigitalGuru Probsite.. Mobile app marketing also deals with retaining app users and keeping them engaged once you have a launched app. Here at DigitalGuru Pro, DigitalGuru Pro care about delivering measurable results. DigitalGuru Pro use a data-driven approach to designing a marketing strategy, evaluating performance, and even choosing media partners. As the mobile ecosystem constantly evolves, so do our methods and tools. A synergy of technology and innovation is what makes DigitalGuru Pro different from hundreds of mobile marketing companies.

Our team consists of marketing professionals who have expertise in product development and analytics as DigitalGuru Proll as in-depth understanding of mobile, digital, and offline media. With extensive competence and diverse talent, DigitalGuru Pro are able to provide all services in-house and manage multi-platform, omnichannel projects

DigitalGuru Pro have a solution for every challenge with our full-cycle range of app marketing services. DigitalGuru Pro know how to define your target audience and make your app stand out from the crowd. DigitalGuru Pro know how to build an active user base for your app and turn users into engaged customers. DigitalGuru Pro have produced in-house software solutions for advanced acquisition campaign management and data analysis.

What DigitalGuru Pro Do:

  • Pre-launch campaign to create buzz about the app
  • Strategically-timed launch to grab the attention of maximum users
  • Post-launch viral campaigns via mobile, DigitalGuru Prob, videos, podcasts etc.
  • Exciting updates to make existing users revisit the app
  • Promotions on recent functionality upgrades to hook new users
  • Suggestions for new upgrades based on user feedback
  • Maintaining communication with users to ensure app popularity
  • In-app advertising via other popular apps in the app store

iPhone Apps Marketing

App Audit

DigitalGuru Pro carry out a 360° evaluation of the app to analyze its usability and individuality and conclude what sets it apart from its competitors. DigitalGuru Pro test the app based on various criteria and give specific feedback and ideas to take it to the next level.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO enhances app visibility, ranking, and downloads. DigitalGuru Pro help developers understand the current ASO landscape and guide them through the process of optimizing their app store listings for better discoverability.

Building Buzz around Your App

DigitalGuru Pro create awareness about the app by promoting it on multiple channels at once. DigitalGuru Pro harness the poDigitalGuru Prior of social media, popular technology sites, review sites, forums, blogs etc., to spread the word about the app, reach its target audience, and improve online visibility.

Boosting App Revenue

DigitalGuru Pro goes a step beyond the usual promotions to provide strategies to boost download and revenue. DigitalGuru Pro provide suggestions to run contests and giveaways pertaining to the app, its theme and target audience.

iPad Apps Marketing

Boosting App Revenue

DigitalGuru Pro carry out a measured analysis of the app and its competitors and gauge it on parameters such as innovativeness, popularity, usability to identify its USP. Based on this research, DigitalGuru Pro frame a customized marketing strategy that will boost its ranking and downloads.

Build the App’s Store Visibility

To improve the app’s chances of being discovered through app store search and to help it get ample views and downloads, DigitalGuru Pro optimize its description, keywords, icon and screen shots.

Deliver the App to the World

DigitalGuru Pro submit the app to bloggers, app critics, tech sites, traditional and online publications etc., for exposure via multiple online channels. DigitalGuru Pro engage in promotions via social media, forums, chat groups and viral videos to enhance the app’s discoverability.

Promotional Marketing and Upselling Strategies

DigitalGuru Pro go the extra mile to ensure satisfactory returns on investment. DigitalGuru Pro work on strategies like running contests, announcing offers and organizing giveaways for the app, to boost app downloads and revenue.

Set Up the App Launch

DigitalGuru Pro offer guidance in app pricing and App Store submission. Our pre-launch promotions are focused on getting ample visibility for the app to help it achieve a breakthrough. DigitalGuru Pro get the word out about the app through press and blogger outreach and pay attention to every other aspect of the launch to make sure it is nothing but perfect.

Android Apps Marketing

App Analysis

DigitalGuru Pro test the app for usability and individuality and survey its prospects in the Android market. DigitalGuru Pro let developers know where the app stands, and what it further requires to wow users and potential users. DigitalGuru Pro gather an analysis report that details suitable strategies for launch, and execution of the market plan

App Optimization & Submission

DigitalGuru Pro guide developers through the process of app submission and prepare a launch pad for the app by ensuring it is optimized for app store search. DigitalGuru Pro provide suggestions on the app name, keywords, screenshots, videos etc., to give it a better chance at search visibility

Boost App Earning

DigitalGuru Pro explore other techniques such as offers, contests, and giveaways etc., to build the app’s user base and to increase the app’s revenue.

Launch & Pre-launch Strategies

DigitalGuru Pro suggest a suitable pricing strategy for the app, and the right time for its launch. Our Pre-launch strategies include word of mouth promotion, advertisement campaigns etc. DigitalGuru Pro make use of press releases and promotional videos to build buzz around the app.

Delivering the App Message

DigitalGuru Pro time our marketing activities according to app buying cycles to make sure the app reaches its target audience. DigitalGuru Pro publish and distribute press releases for every update through popular newswires.

Social Media Promotion

DigitalGuru Pro create awareness about the app by promoting it on multiple channels at once. DigitalGuru Pro harness the poDigitalGuru Prior of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs, and other online channels to tell the world about the app.

In the end, it is always about the consumers. As a mobile app marketing agency, DigitalGuru Pro help publishers and brands to provide consumers with something valuable, an educational app for kids, a video medicine service, or even a helpful tracking tool. DigitalGuru Pro knows how to reach consumers with the proper message at the right place and time, and achieve meaningful results.