The world of business is constantly changing; the needs of customers, channel partners, employees and even prospects are changing. DigitalGuru Pro is a one stop solution that helps you manage rewards, incentives, loyalty and any activity that helps your company manage your relationships better. We are a promotion marketing company that will help your company in sales and promotions both online and offline.

What is a Brand?

A company’s brand its personality; it gives the very identity by which a company is recognized amongst its peers.It is the brand which stands for name, quality and mass-appeal. It differentiates your product from similar other products in the market. This enables it you to charge a higher premium. It is the brand which adds life to your products and gives it an edge over the undifferentiated products.

Promoting the Brand

  • Which type of customers are likely buyers of the products?
  • Why are they interested in the products?
  • What are other products which are likely to complement this product?
  • Which are places where the customers are going to spend their time most?
  • Reach customers globally, locally and nationally
  • Which are the preferred places of buying online?


  • Of the various options, DigitalGuru Pro offers one that fits your budget and suits your business type. Pick from merchandise, travel, entertainment, dining & experiential rewards and give your stakeholders a memorable experience. If you’re wondering what kind of sales promotion activities we can help with, our Sales Promotion programs can be created and managed offline, on the web, on mobile or integrated across all platforms. The point of Sale, On-pack, online, On mobile, Facebook & in App.
  • DigitalGuru Pro help in executing your sales and product promotion goals. Whether you are running a small program for your employees or nationwide program for your customers, DigitalGuru Pro is exactly the kind of promotion agency you need.
  • DigitalGuru Pro also helps independent agencies find and work with partners in other countries. In addition, it manages an independent agency community, which holds workshops, shares resources and has a presence at many international events. It follows five key criteria for selection that encompasses location, skills, experience, conflict-free and character.

We Make Your Brand Popular

Our quality Brand Promotion Services includes

Logo Designing

An image is more than a thousand words; we help you get the right image which truly represents your brand.

Presentations & PPTs:

We write outstanding PPTs for you who provide most of the details of the products or services.

Video Marketing

Videos are next big step. With it, you leave a lasting impact on the minds of the customers.

Email Marketing

This helps in delivering the message personally. You can customize the message and spread it to people at large.

There are many other additional tools which we put to use to promote your product online. Get in touch & we’ll immediately send a detailed roadmap.Our promotion framework integrates advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity together to launch a full-fledged promotion campaign that captures audience pulse. Our promotional activities are meant to fulfill several of your business goals like:

  • Big increase in sales portfolio
  • New product acceptance in the market
  • Creation of huge brand equity
  • Brand positioning in niche
  • Competitive corporate retaliations
  • Creation of a vocal corporate image

Rather focusing on specific product or services, we focus on your brand as a whole. It enables us to increase customer loyalty, awareness of products, and sales prospects. While promoting your brand we take advantage of both online and offline promotion methods.

Offline Brand Promotion

When it comes to promoting you over the podium your brand, our managers do it right both personally and professionally. We explore the best possible media platforms that we can use to promote your brand and enhance its reach. Though we also value the digital marketing mix popular nowadays, we don't underestimate the traditional mode of advertising as well. With a little effort, our managers bring more prominence to your brand entity.

  • Feedback Forms, business cards, flyers
  • Trade shows, conferences, networking events
  • Signs, billboards, marquee boards
  • TV / Radio Commercials
  • Banners, brochures, and other materials
  • Transit advertising at transports, terminals, and subway
  • Yellow page, magazine, tabloid advertisements

Online Brand Promotion Services Using Digital Media

Our online brand promotion focuses on designing, creating and establishing your online branding presence using digital marketing. Our online brand promotion involves a proven digital marketing mix involving activities known for capturing the attention of the targeted audience. These activities help us to gather key insights as to how to maximize your online presence.

  • Setting up a business website
  • Setting up guest blogging account
  • Site Optimization using SEO
  • Paid advertisement using PPC
  • Direct mailing using E-Mail Marketing
  • Promotion via Press Releases
  • Corporate image makeover using ORM

Online Brand Promotion Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an integral part of our brand promotion services and are being carried nowadays but technically a domain that needs standalone attention. Our social media consultants understand how to galvanize the impact of social channels like to earn massive brand attention. They spotlight major social media channels especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • Brand page creation on social channels
  • Inviting and influencing more audience via engagement models
  • Group promotion via social groups and communities
  • Promotion via brand discussions in relevant forums
  • Promotion by using promotional videos and teasers on YouTube

Let DigitalGuru Pro Promote You

We plan and deliver your entire campaign from ideas to execution. We leverage our tech. expertise to make redemption easy & instant

Our audience-centric brand promotion strategies don't only deliver value to your branding initiatives but also gives visibility, brand loyalty, recognition, and business growth. These promotional tactics enable us to push your businesses to reach across a worldwide audience.